NOS Mullard EL34
Double Point Matched Sets

NOS Mullard EL34 xf2 double point matched pairs start at $350, &
quads $695. NOS Mullard xf1 through xf4's are available as:

1. NOS NIB with Mullard markings.
2. NOS in new white boxes with Mullard markings.
3. NOS NIB boxed and labeled with other co. name.

A very high number of the Mullard EL34's made were sold to other
companies in Europe/USA and re-labeled as something else. I'd
guess that at least 75% of all Mullards ever made were sold in
non-Mullard boxes and markings. Sure, to a lot of people it's sexy
to have them with Mullard boxes/print. However, the tubes are
exactly the same as the re-labeled difference at all.

Matching is available at any specifications you may require at
real world voltages. If you need a double point matched set
with very, very close mA and mS matching, such as an octet
@ 0.1% or lower. This kind of insanely close matching can be
done at extra cost. Obviously, you wouldn't want to buy a
set like this for most guitar amps.........where such precise
matching isn't required for increased performance.

How can this close matching be done? Why can't any other
tube dealer offer this? I have a very large stock of NOS
Mullard EL34's, so this allows me to find the right tubes that
have virtually the same mA and mS specifications at 325V,
400V @ -36V bias voltage.

One big advantage of buying sets from me is that I have
the ability to really help you out in a jam down the road.
Lets says 4 years or so down the road you lose a tube
in your quad.......1 bad tube, and 3 nice tubes with plenty of life remaining. What good is that quad now,
right? You ask yourself, "How in the world can I find a 'single' that will match with my other 3 tubes?"

When you buy sets from me, I can provide you with a
new 'single' that matches up and keeps your quad going.
I only offer this service to people that buy sets from me.
So have a great time with your tubes & have no worries!

The first two photo's at the
top of the page are the
typical Sheild and Newer
Mullard logo era tubes. The
third photo from the top
shows the EL34's as they
came from the factory as
matched pairs. To the right
you can see the red and
black shield logo era boxes
which are rare for Mullard
EL34's. At the bottom to
the left is a stack of 50 pcs
boxes of Mullard xf2 labeled
in bulk as Brimar. The last
photo to the right is a
stack of 100 pcs boxes of
Mullard xf2 labeled as Philips
Mullard, Dario Miniwatt, etc.
More pics to come later.

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